Creating a Curriculum Vitae

CV writing resources

woman in yellow shirt sitting on chair

Creating a Curriculum Vitae

CV writing resources

woman in yellow shirt sitting on chair

A formal document containing a brief personal profile followed by skills, education, and work-related experience closed off with details of hobbies and interests.
Aiming for 2 pages depending on experience, some candidates create several CV’s and use the relevant type to apply for different roles of interest. You might consider creating a cover letter to express further detail.

Must haves: (preferably in this order)

  • Personal details (e.g., full name, address (city), phone number, email address)
  • A personal profile statement
  • Relevant key skills
  • Work related experience. (include company name, dates, and short statements if necessary)
  • Brief description of your time there and duties carried out.
  • Education and qualifications (include achievements here if work experience is limited)
  • Hobbies and interests (Include detail if work experience is limited)
  • References (often available on request)

If you are a school/collage leaver, treat your CV as your personal profile, sell yourself and have confidence in your goals, skills, and attributes.

Key features of a cv:

  • Be clear and brief (ensure dates correlate)
  • Check spelling and grammar.
  • Keep it relevant.
  • Use a formal format.
  • Sell yourself.

Keep it up to date.


  • Size your font between 10-12 depending on the length.
  • Use a Calibri or Arial font.
  • Use headings and bullet points where appropriate.
  • Keep your format tidy, simple and consistent throughout. (don’t over complicate it)
  • Headshots are not a standard requirement.
  • Age, date of birth and marital status are not standard requirements.


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