Finding Support in Times of Need

In times of hardship, knowing where to turn for support can make all the...

Finding Support in Times of Need

In times of hardship, knowing where to turn for support can make all the...

In times of hardship, knowing where to turn for support can make all the difference. Whether you’re facing financial difficulties, emotional struggles, or just need some guidance on the next steps in life, there are resources available to help.

This article highlights key avenues for support, including what the Benevolent Society of Blues (BSB) and other organisations can offer.

Support from the Benevolent Society of Blues (BSB)

The BSB is steadfast in its commitment to the ‘old blues’, offering an array of support services tailored to various needs.

Whether you’re a recent graduate navigating post-university uncertainties or an ‘old blue’ confronting financial or health-related adversities, BSB is here to assist.

Financial Assistance
Providing financial support in the form of a grant for items like a specialist bed, or a replacement cooker can be one small act that improves the wellbeing of an old blue and provides them with the security that they need.

Knowing that they have the support of the BSB if they ever need it, provides security and continuity that perhaps they need either for a specific period in their life or that may continue as long-term support.

Later in Life
For a percentage of Old Blues, later in life can become particularly challenging with health issues or mobility issues. Remember, even 50 or 60 years on – this is where the BSB can provide support.

Career and Educational Guidance
The BSB offers support through a choice of grants and loans to help Old Blues to advance their careers.

Practical Support
Many Old Blues can suffer from isolation, bereavement, ill health and financial hardship and this can affect anyone when we least expect. The BSB strives to provide a safe and secure environment in these circumstances. This help can be in the form of advice on utility bills through to helping with heating and specialist furniture to improve the quality of life.

Extending Beyond BSB: Other Vital Sources of Support

In times of need, the wider community and specific organisations stand ready to provide assistance:

  • Local Community Services: Numerous community services offer support, from financial advice clinics to mental health groups. Your local council’s website is an excellent starting point for information.
  • National Charities: Charities such as Mind, for mental health support, and Citizens Advice, for legal and financial advice, provide comprehensive assistance across a broad spectrum of issues.
  • Online Resources: Platforms like Turn2us help individuals find financial assistance, while Meetup connects you with local support and interest groups, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Taking the Initial Step Towards Support
The act of seeking help is the first stride towards overcoming obstacles. It’s essential to recognise that reaching out is a testament to strength, not a weakness.

Through the support available from BSB and other networks, navigating through tough periods becomes a journey shared with a supportive community behind you.

Social and Recreational Opportunities
Engaging in social activities can significantly impact one’s mental health and sense of community. BSB encourages participation in events and social gatherings, promoting a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Legal Advice
Access to legal counsel for personal or professional issues can be indispensable. BSB can guide you to legal resources or services that offer free or subsidised support.

How to Access BSB Support
To reach out for BSB’s support, visit our contact page or call us directly. Our team is prepared to listen and direct you towards the appropriate support you require.

Additionally, BSB’s online resource centre is a treasure trove of information, guides, and articles designed to help in various aspects of life.

The Importance of Community in Times of Hardship
In the journey through hardship, the value of a supportive community cannot be overstated. Sharing experiences, advice, and simply knowing you’re not alone can be incredibly comforting and empowering.

It could not be easier to make an application to the BSB. If you, or anyone you know who qualifies, would like to seek financial assistance, click apply now

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