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The BSB is here to help and support both current Blues, Old Blues, parents, spouses, widows, widowers, children and dependents as well as staff. If you or anyone you know who qualifies would like to seek financial assistance, simply click on one of the above links for further information.

Case studies

"The BSB has been of immeasurable help to me ever since I left Christ's Hospital. After my hopes of attending university in America were dashed, the BSB were there to support me through my entire university career in London. Correspondence with the secretary made the whole process enjoyable and smooth."
"I am very grateful to the BSB for their assistance. They provided crucial support at an important time in my life to enable me to finish my studies and have a legal career. I would not have a legal career without the support of the BSB and for that I am truly grateful."
With the BSB’s generous fiscal assistance I was able to achieve a 1st
I am extremely grateful to the BSB who gave me a generous interest-free loan when I left CH in 1998. This money enabled me to purchase all the necessary items I needed to start vet school in Edinburgh.
Having the support of the BSB has given me the freedom to challenge myself and set me on a firm path to achieve my ambition to become a doctor. I am extremely grateful for all the BSB has contributed, supporting me throughout my studies, towards my future career.
It could not be easier to make an application to the BSB. If you or anyone you know who qualifies, would like to seek financial assistance, click apply now